Available Courses

Data Analysis

A crash course to introduce you to data analysis. You’ll learn supervised learning (classification, regression) and unsupervised learning (clustering). You’ll learn algorithms like decision trees, k-nearest neighbors, linear regression, k-means, neural networks and deep learning. You’ll also learn the basics of Python, and how to use the mentioned algorithms through Scikit-learn module in Python. And finally, you’ll learn to non-programmatically do data analysis using Weka. [Course Home]


You’ll learn to create a mobile (wheeled) spy-robot that you would be able to control using an Android phone or the Internet. You would learn what an Arduino is and how to program one. Also, you would learn about various components of a mobile robot, like DC motors, motor drivers, ultrasonic sensors, Bluetooth modules, and how to control all of them using an Arduino and an Android smartphone. You would also learn about other robots/embedded systems, and how to get started in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). [Course Home]


Video and Image Processing with OpenCV and PyQt using Python

Solar System graphical simulation using Java-based Processing

Hotel Management Software using C++ and SQLite within Qt

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Assam Guide

There is simply no proper guide app for travelers and locals in Assam. This app aims to bring all required information for any tourist visiting Assam. This is aimed as a community-driven project where we seek content and suggestions from one and all. You can help us right now by downloading and installing the app,¬†pointing out errors and providing suggestions. Let’s help our tourists with a useful app.

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