Diving down into the world of the WWW

If you are reading this page, then you already know about websites and how your establishment might need one. But the conundrum of choosing from the various technologies available might be a bit overwhelming to someone who is not involved with the state-of-the-art. Do you need a static website or a dynamic application? Is WordPress the right choice for you, or do you need a custom application? Do you need the scalability of cloud-based hosting? Call us and let us guide you in your endeavor.


Static and Dynamic Websites

Does the content of your website stay the same? Or does it change based on some factor? Our team of designers and developers will tailor a system suited exactly for your needs.

Content Management System

Are you a blogger, editor, photographer or anyone who uploads and manages a large amount of content? We can setup a WordPress or Joomla website with custom themes and plugins as per yours needs.

E-commerce and Shopping Portals

Do you want to sell your product to a wider range of customers from all over the world? We can develop for you need a full-fledged e-commerce website with easy-to-use business management and analysis features.

OAuth Integration

Why bother and drive away customers with the hassle of creating an account? We can log-in users for you using their verified Facebook, Google or any other OAuth supported account.

User management and Security

Don't compromise on your and you user's security. We build your website focusing on security at every step - using several layers of security features, from hashing user passwords to encrypting using HTTPS.

Online Payment

Need to accept user payment for the service you provide or the product you sell? We allow you to accept payment from users seamlessly over popular payment gateway, including ccAvenue among others.

Cloud Hosting

Are you expecting heavy traffic at all time? Or are you expecting spikes in traffic at only certain periods? We provide cloud hosting so that your website performs efficiently even in peak traffic at a relatively cheap cost.

Solid Technological Foundation

What is the most suitable platform for you? We develop responsive websites using a variety standard technologies, making your website adapt and be compatible with almost every device out there.

Mobile App Integration

Do you also need a mobile application? We can integrate your website with a mobile application so that the users can access your services and products without bothering to enter a URL in a browser.



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